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working on this

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Wasn't sire where to post this. Graphite, charcoal, and pastel. First time using pastels. Been interesting. Not use to the mess lol, but fun.
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It does look like a logo and a very potent one at that. :)

Rykal, do you complete each section you were work on with a finishing spray? I'm left-handed and have created quite a mess with dragging vibrant colors like these over. How you're creating this could help me and others too. :)
Thanks Rykal :)

I need to train my brain to go right to left as it's been programmed to go left to right lol!

Since you're in the States, products for U.S. and Canada could be the same. May I ask the product's name your using....I'd like to try it out. Thanks!
Oh thank you! I've seen that product at Curry's..will definitely get this. :)
Aww, you have a budding artist in your mist. He wants to be just like 'daddy'! :) Thanks again!
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