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The Artist Giuseppe Nisi "Nisiello" says:

"This is the first time i show my Artworks to the world, I'm 74 and I live in Italy. I've been creating these artworks since 50 years and I've never made exhibitions.
I got the inspiration from the painter Mimmo Rotella, who was basically my master!
My first art critic was Massimo Campigli, from Milan, Italy. He once said "Keep making these pieces of art, one day they'll worth lot of money!".
And this is the right moment, after 51 years, to share them and if there is some art critic or some art enthusiast who like them I can be happy to make arrangements for selling them all together or individually!
I've made them while I was in jail, starting from 1967, using fire matches and glue, and using oil colors for giving tonalities and shades to my artworks. I mostly made famous people, from Italy, America or all around the world and I'm very proud of them!
I've made in total around 70-80 artworks but I gave away around 30 of them to meritorius people.
I currently have just 44 of them and I would really like to find someone interested on them, I will sell to someone who will take care of them, better if bought all together but I can also sell them individually! It would be nice from the buyer to exhibit them or just take care of them privately! Hope to hear from you all your opinions!"

Written by Artist's Assistant.


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