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The infamous ugly stage haha, started with started with midtones, as I always do, Im using oil on 9"x12" dry brush technique. In this first step I try to not be too picky, just lay down the paint as consistent as possible and find all the midtones, I come back later with the eraser and sharpen edges.

alright, now for a little depth, here I've found the darker shadows, not quite the blacks, then blended everything to apply a uniform shade to my skin using a 5/8" wash brush. Starting to see myself lol.

Ok Ive added some details now, darkened some blacks and used a bit of the eraser to find my edges, time for eraser work and whites and blending everything together.

Alright ive gotten a lotta detail in here and trying to wrap it up.....

Good for now, Ill come back to it after I've stared at it for a while :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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