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Why aliases

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Hi all I notice a lot of us use aliases, mine kpnuts, just, well I'm sure that's not his name, meli uses the name aya (is meli her real name?) Mine well when I was younger I would do mad things on motorcycles and my mates would call me nuts then someone put my initials together and after that I was always known as kpnuts, so why are you using yours.
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Aya's my artist name, meli has been my name for 6 years now since I changed gender to female.
I'm meli leigh ann I just changed gender from male to female 6 years ago.
aya is short for the root plant ayahuasca the main ingredient of DMT
I'm female but I was born male.
DMT's a natural hallucinogenic drug thats been used since time began (the strongest), we have traces of it in our bodies already.
many famous artists in history have used DMT to gain knowledge of themselves and become better artists.
I'm not recommending anyone take DMT - it replicates the experience of death, but then re-birth
Witch doctors in tribes used to give DMT to help their warriors overcome deep mental/emotional scars of battle.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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