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Hello everyone,

My mother runs an antique store that focuses on fixing up furniture, but she has a few paintings that she's picked up over the years that have mostly all been just for decoration in the store; no one ever asks if they are for sale and my mom doesn't even put price tags on them.

She picked up this painting two days ago and seven different customers have all asked if it was for sale and for how much. My mom asked for me to see if I could find out who the artist is and brought home the painting. This morning, when she went into work, a local art dealer came in looking for that painting and was asking if she still had it. So now I am urgently searching the internet for information on the artist, but I have very little to work with.
Full Frame
Close Up

I'll try to give as much information as I can on it.
-It's painted on burlap canvas (there is a small tear/hole near the center)
-It's an oil painting
-The painting is of a hen and eight baby chicks
-One of the chicks is underneath some stairs in the background
-There are two penciled signatures on here, one of them is unreadable (it's faded) and in the bottom left corner while the second is under the hen and is still difficult to read.

These are my best guesses for name based on the signature:

Sorry for the long list, but I hope someone is able to recognize the artist by the style of art and the names I provided.


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