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What to look at when drawing?

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As a beginner, I've been following a book called 'The new Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.' One of the earlier exercises is to sketch your (non-drawing) hand and contains the following instruction....

"About 90% of the time you should be looking at your hand." .... "Glance at the drawing only to monitor the pencil's recording of your perceptions." (page 109)

Is this really how it is done? If I don't look at my pencil as I draw the line, then when I do look to monitor it, the line is simply wrong. Am I misunderstanding something?
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Iv'e been doing art a long time, so let me say -First there're no rules, suggestions -like crazy.
I look at my pencil or brush to make sure its where i want otto be in relation to another mark.
Study the object for size and form, make some marks and see if they convey what you are seeing. Dark, Light big or whatever. You can't go wrong its just some marks.:)
My error!

:eek:Opps -they are refferring to drawing your hand - of course your looking at that form and drawing it. Geese, sorry.
:)DLeeG is correct, its a back and forth action. Try not looking at the marks as you draw, boy will you be surprised - could be great or could be belch!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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