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What drives you to paint/draw?

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Just a question...
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It has been attended to. I apologize to the whole forum for my slights, snides and rudeness. I realize that I have been a bitter old man. I intend to keep that under control from now on. I am genuinely sorry.
There's more to you than meets the eye. That being said, go strangle a doll the next time you feel the swell of indignation coming on, that's what I do. ;-)

Have a good day, just.
I'm quite selfishly motivated by the rush I feel when I make something that freakin' rocks. I'm also selfishly motivated by how good it feels to make something for someone else that they agree freakin' rocks. I'm also motivated by the knowledge that practice makes perfect, as evidenced by me taking on and whipping a medium that has kicked my own butt in the past: watercolor. And I'm additionally motivated by the knowledge that I'm 56 years old, have a crappy 401K, and will be able to use some retirement income in the future. Building a nice inventory of art will help there.
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1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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