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This is my latest charcoal and gold leaf(yeah I leaf again...but what's life without a bit of gold? :p) Lesson to learn:since the leaf glue is wet I should never apply it on paper thick and with a brush but rather veeeery lightly with my finger.If thick paper gets a bubu lol:laugh::laugh:

"Hummingbird"- charcoal+gold leaf+gel pen on charcoal paper(11"x17") 2015


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Excellent drawing but these people will blow smoke up your skirt all day rather than tell you the truth. The gold leaf ruins this drawing and most charcoal drawings.
Thx for your honest opinion but I do not share the same view.I think gold leaf gives more expression and complexity to the entire piece.And I am not the only artist that combines charcoal and gold leaf...look up Rebecca Yanovskaya or Yoann Lossel just to name a few.
Oh well...that's why there are so many forms of art...each for every one of us.Many people have told me charcoal and gold leaf are a No/No and many told me it's very classy ...I personally believe it's unique.I can accept the fact that I might've worked more on the shadows and lights and give more substance on that bird body and wings...buuut the gold leaf I think is
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