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What brush sizes do I need?

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Hi, First of all I want to say I am very new to forums in general so if I am doing something etiquette wise wrong please tell me.
Okay, I have recently started to pursue a higher level of painting and wanted to step away from just lame o cheap paint brushes. What different sizes and shapes do I need so that I can do a wide verity of painting styles?
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Since I do not know what sizes of painting I will be doing would it be best if I just go with a round, a flat, a filbert, and a fan in around the medium sized range like 8-14?
Cheap... Ha. The price has nothing to do with it. Nada, amigo. Only thing that matters is what you can make them do. Period! I've gazillions of brushes but my favs are mostly the cheapos. Plus, I can chop them to make a different tool without wincing.
No offense, but I keep buying too cheap brushes that the bristles fall out of and the paint on the handle chips off and gets stuck in my work. It is very annoying. I'm not going to buy the super expensive 70 dollar brushes from like Winsor and Newton, but I'd like to buy some that last.
I usually buy any shapes and sizes, it just depends on what I'm going to do with them. From the smallest to largest size, to me it's what brush just feels 'right' at the time or which brush can get in that fine detail or which brush covers more space.
But I have my three 'go-to-brushes' that I'm pretty sure I use for every piece of my acrylic and watercolor paintings and they are still going strong. :biggrin:
Could you tell me what your "go-to-brushes" are?
(If you don't want to spend $70 on one brush) some brands I use off and on are; Royal and Langnickel, Princeton and Protege. And they have been pretty good.
I would suggest reeves but the paint on handle of their brushes are always chipping, good hair in the brushes but very terrible handles. :unhappy:
Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it:vs-kiss:. I was thinking about going for some Royal and Langnickel brushes and its nice to know they are pretty good ones. Thanks again!:vs_closedeyes:
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