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My partner and I are publishing a book of poetry that will contain illustrations in various styles. The one style that has been particularly difficult to track down is (for lack of a better term) "Shel Silverstein". His drawings seem to be strictly line art, as far as I know - no shading, no toned backgrounds, no gradients, no large blocks of ink. Sort of messy/quick-sketchy, yet very expressive. Not really like what you see in most children's books. (Our book will be much darker, and aimed at adults, but still has some Silverstein-esque goofy humor.) Examples:

We've looked at Deviantart, Behance, Artstation, and a few others, but it seems like most people don't put this sort of thing online (though I'm sure some are capable of it - maybe they're doing it at home, but only putting polished pieces online). And the tools for searching haven't turned up much. Keywords like "sketches" and "cartoons" mostly turn up styles that aren't appropriate for our book - anime stuff, children's book stuff, shaded life drawings, comic books, etc. The illustrator-specific sites we've found have been particularly difficult to search, without a word that accurately describes this style.

I'd say the closest we've come is tracking down people who tag work for "Inktober".

Can anyone suggest a portfolio site that's more specific to this type of art? We'd prefer to search on our own first, rather than just posting to a forum and letting people find us, as it seems like the former is more efficient.
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