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Hi all,

let me say first, that I am new in this forum and writing from Northern Germany. But hold thumbs for the Lionesses today!!

I have recently bought an antique oil painting from a victorian artist.
On the back it is marked from canvas maker W. Urquhart which his London address in Notting Hill, where he was located between 1885 and 1909.
I am not sure, but it seems that next to the signature is a year mentioned, which could be 1892 ... this would fit to the age of the canvas.

At the moment I have no idea, what name stands behind the signature, so I like to ask you for some help. Maybe anyone has an idea.

I took some pictures from the signature in different light conditions and also the total painting.

Thanks in advance, for your support and please look over any grammar mistakes and typos :)

Best regards from the continent


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