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Upcoming Project

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I put this under Mixed Media because it's a future project I want to do, and have no idea what medium I plan to use. :biggrin:

First, I shall explain the passion behind it. My best friend died last year of metastatic breast cancer (breast cancer that spreads to another site/organ), and through her struggle, and then her passing, I have become a huge advocate for cancer awareness. So much of my art on my little online stores is just that, and truthfully, that is mostly what sells. Anyhoo!!!

I plan to attempt to draw a female superhero that will have an awareness ribbon on her chest instead of, for example, the superman symbol.

She will probably be in comic book/manga style, since I totally suck at drawing faces, and I think that will just be a tad easier.

My life is a little crazy right now, but I still plan to start on this in the next few days. :vs_smile:
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I think it's a great start.. I know whatever this turns into you will do a great job LA!
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