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Hello, I just wanted to post a quick note about an upcoming online exhibition, Idiosyncratic. This is a collaborative project between three emerging UK North-West based artists, Kate Clarke, Megan Mcloughlin and Lorraine Connor, who have curated an online project with the aim of reaching a wide audience, showcasing work using a range of mediums, techniques, and processes.
We would love to invite you to join us in viewing this online event, as this group shows a keen interest in experimental photography

This event is available online from March 17th-24th at and combines the use of experimental art and photography mediums, using a range of cameraless techniques: digital art, cyanotype, lumen and chemigram processes. In response to the theme idiosyncratic, each artist has created a body of work which is unique and special to them.

Megan and Lorraine work with traditional darkroom processes, chemigram, lumen print and cyanotype processes, which are historical photography techniques using light sensitive chemicals and paper to produce images. They primarily use natural materials such as flowers, whilst also using chemical resists to create abstract patterns. In contrast to this, Kate uses contemporary approaches, creating mixed media prints that are filled with reality and positivity.

More info is available at:

Contact info:
Lorraine Connor
Instagram: @lorraineconnorprints
Kate Clarke
Instagram: @youareloved_kl
Megan Mcloughlin
Instagram: @thelenslessphotographer

Megan Mcloughlin
kate Clarke
Lorraine Connor
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