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Tubed Watercolors (Aquarelles) on canvas

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I want to know if i can paint on canvas with tubed watercolors (aquarelles) i have tried and worked,here is the way i prepare my canvas HOW I PREPARE MY CANVAS ? - After i stretch my canvas i make a a combination like this for this you need the next ingrediendts :
A - Wood glue
B - Plaster
C- Worm Wather
Fine powder made from chalc

In a recipient you poor some wood glue,as much as you might need,than pour a litle worm wather and mix,sturr with some wooden stick,after that you ad a litle plaster,or fine powder made from chalc,not to much,and sturr and mix until you get a nice paste,then you take a brush (bigger) and give a layer on the canvas,if the first layer is thin,waith until dryed up and ad another thin layer,after dryed up with finest glass papier you have ! That is what i use since 2005 and no problem at all !

Soon more advices from a humble amateur like me to other amateurs or beginers ! Now what i whant to know from you specialist if i could paint on my canvases with tubed nondiluted or just a litle water diluted watercolors (aquarelles) on canvas !
Please Teach me ! :D
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@croberts Thank you for the advice,but i did not ignore you just had not the time to visit the forum , sorry ! :(
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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