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I want to know if i can paint on canvas with tubed watercolors (aquarelles) i have tried and worked,here is the way i prepare my canvas HOW I PREPARE MY CANVAS ? - After i stretch my canvas i make a a combination like this for this you need the next ingrediendts :
A - Wood glue
B - Plaster
C- Worm Wather
Fine powder made from chalc

In a recipient you poor some wood glue,as much as you might need,than pour a litle worm wather and mix,sturr with some wooden stick,after that you ad a litle plaster,or fine powder made from chalc,not to much,and sturr and mix until you get a nice paste,then you take a brush (bigger) and give a layer on the canvas,if the first layer is thin,waith until dryed up and ad another thin layer,after dryed up with finest glass papier you have ! That is what i use since 2005 and no problem at all !

Soon more advices from a humble amateur like me to other amateurs or beginers ! Now what i whant to know from you specialist if i could paint on my canvases with tubed nondiluted or just a litle water diluted watercolors (aquarelles) on canvas !
Please Teach me ! :D

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Hello barbosradu

I think you should use watercolor paper as I believe absorbency is an important quality for watercolor. Watercolor paper is actually a cloth of sorts and is very absorbent. Without this quality you will not be able to use many of the techniques this quality allows.

I just wanted to respond to your post. I also posted here and received 0 replies. It's nice to know you are interested in art and I wish you good luck. Please find someone else at this forum who has been ignored (views but no replies) and respond to them.

You can see my work at

All the best
Chris Roberts
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