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Hey everyone !

I'm 16 years old and I started painting last week and already made 3 paintings, so I wanted to get critique on them. Thank you :) !

1st : Untitled , Acrylic on canvas

2nd : "Cherry Blossom" , Acrylic on paper

3rd : "Desert" , Acrylic on canvas

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Art Critique

Love the use of a limited palette. Especially the use of very small amounts of red. They make it interesting and are not immediately apparent when you first look at the painting.
The painting has plenty of resting places which is great.
Often it's an idea not to put something on a corner, although the semi circle on the bottom left does lead the eye into the painting. The curve, top right stops the viewer from leaving the painting.
I like the rawness of it and the fact that there is plenty left to the imagination for the viewer.

Cherry Blossom:
Lovely use of framing with the black. It has mood.
The cherry blossom flower is in the perfect third for a focal point, which is lovely.
The branch leads the viewer in to the cherry blossom.
The frame prevents the viewer from leaving the painting, which is great.

Love the use of the warm desert colours with the dramatic black sky.
You have more detail at the front which is good, with less detail as you go back into the picture.
You might consider making a black, so it has more warmth?
Often its a good idea to have a horizon line which doesn't sit in the middle of the canvas, thus cutting it in half.

Hope these critiques help.
I love your work.
I do contemporary acrylic painting too and I especially love the rawness in your artworks.
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