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Time lapse art videos

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Before I ask my question, I would like to share that I am autistic. I am also a kind, sensitive person. If my question offends you, that was not my intention - ever. I am also not stupid, although I had a really strong desire to spell the word 'stupid' wrong for effect. If my question seems stupid, it is probably just because I process things differently than you do. However, that can be useful sometimes so if you find yourself with a quantum physics or differential equation homework problem, go ahead and send me a message and I'll promise to try to help and not think that you're stupid. ;) Art is new to me and my art teacher fired me after I asked some questions and I'm still smarting a bit from that...

When trying to figure out how to paint something, because I am now teaching myself, I often go to videos. Typically, I discover that the overwhelming majority of them are time lapse videos. I've just tried to watch a video where I stopped it and re-watched the same two minutes of video dozens of times trying to determine what they are using to put paint to canvas. It's not a brush, they never say what it is, and the speed makes identifying it impossible (for me). Sometimes it is a brush and I still can't tell if it's a flat brush or an angular brush. Maybe it's a filbert? What colors are they using? Is that primary yellow or is the video distorting the color somewhat? I come away with more questions than I started with. So, for instance, this morning I have spent over three hours trying to figure out how to do something and not only do I still not know, I'm now out of time. This happened yesterday as well. In two days, I've carved out seven hours to paint but haven't been able to access the information I need to begin. So here's my question...

Is the purpose of these videos to show off? Often they are entitled, "How to paint..." or the person doing the painting will begin by saying, "Today I'm going to teach you how to paint a..." and then proceeds at 25x speed insuring, at least for me - and I suspect anyone new to painting, that we aren't going to learn anything. My inability to follow them at this speed doesn't seem (to me) to be an issue caused my autism, but I am often wrong about that. Could anyway explain the purpose of speed painting or time lapse videos, please? Thank you.
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