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The world's art is under attack--by microbes

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"The world's art is under attack--by microbes"
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The reason people feel this way about losing art is because we as artists have stopped producing art that reaches the levels of those considered masters. So we try to cling onto a past that is long gone. Almost all art today is basic and mediocre. There are no more visionaries or romantics left. No one aspires for greatness, they aspire for fame as a substitute. We need to start producing again at an exponential rate. This is the only cure. And by this, I mean we need a new movement, to revive art from the stagnant and degenerate Modern Art movement. The issue is that artists don't have beliefs anymore. They have nothing that propels them to create beyond the shackles of worldly gains. And because of this, we see a decaying art world. Nature in this case, is proving this.
it's obvious Abdushakur didn't click on the link in the 1st post .

I have no clue as to what he's talking about 😕
as for op M Winter thanks for the 🔗 it's an interesting read 👍
Art is subject to all the environmental factors. But, pretty much, everything can be maintained and protected from these influences.

Of course, if museums don't do their due diligence to protect the art, then you are going to have problems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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