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Yeah kind of a dramatic title I know, but I didn't know how to start this introduction.

I am a 51 yr old male living in Florida. I have loved to draw and paint as long as I can remember. This was such a big part of my life as a child and into my teens. After High School I studied Commercial Art for two years. Back then it was all done by hand with mylar sheets for each color separation and a pantone book. Not its all done on computer and called Graphic Design. At about that point "life" happened. The girl I was dating got pregnant, I went to work and every since then have just let life and work absorb me. The result is that I have done very little art work in nearly 30 years. Probably less than 10 pieces. I have the materials and supplies. I yearn for it as nothing fills the creative void left behind. Now I am ready to get back at it in earnest. For some reason I am nervous. I worry if I can still do it? What will it be like? To the point I find myself avoiding it. Crazy? Sounds a little, but as artist aren't we all just a little crazy? I decided to join this board so I can seek inspiration and knowledge to hopefully get me going. I know it will be something that changes me forever. And that is a change I want and need. So thank you for reading this, and I look forward to participating here.

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