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The right mind state for drawing?

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Hello, My name is Ron I am 16 years old. I Have been drawing ever since I remember myself, for the past 3 years I have been actively studying anatomy, composition and color theory. When I am in my studio, with an expensive canvas, paints and brushes, every stroke I do is intentional, every color I mix I mix for a reason, and the results satisfy me. I feel like I enter some sort of mind state that allows me to use my skills to their full potential, at that state, it takes me sometimes months to finish an art piece. However whenever I draw in my notebook, I just can't get there, I just get carried away and hurry to finish as much as possible. I can't treat each detail on the paper as if it is an artwork by itself (which I do on canvas) and it just ruins the spirit. Are there any practices that induce patience, creativity and basically that mind state of drawing?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.
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Let us see an example of your work, Ron. I draw mostly. I have not painted in years and there's nothing sketchy about my art. I take months to finish a piece. I have the same feel of accomplishment as you described. When I finished a piece, I seal and.frame it before starting the next.
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