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The Heartbreak of Fuzz in a Glaze

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aacckk!! help! Does anyone else have a problem with fuzz...little bits of stuff, mostly the size of fine grains of sand..showing up in your glazes? I don't do a lot of oil painting..more casein and acrylic..but this is something I have noticed about oil painting: fuzz.

My brushes are clean, my palette is clean, I wipe the panel or canvas down before I start. But every time I paint with oils, I see fuzz or little dots of stuff. I tend to paint with very thin washes of color (oil paint, medium, gamsol and a bit of cold wax). Maybe painting thin is the problem - if I painted thicker I wouldn't see the fuzz. Regardless - it really shows up in a darker glaze. I have no idea where it comes from and am so frustrated after having to repeatedly wipe back a dark glaze (using a micro-fiber cloth) until I was satisfied that it looked clean. I have even wondered if this was perhaps pigment? i know that some colors are just rougher in terms of pigment, but I am using Gamblin alkyds and I know they are quality.

I have noticed this, too, with a glaze of lighter colors, but after it dried, I couldn't see it at all.

If I stand 2 feet away, I can't see the fuzzy's only up close. But I feel it detracts from the painting.

Anyone else have this issue?
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My painting are usually given a hair or two from my cat -she just thinks thats great!
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