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"the dot"

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(Dedicated to an illustrious, most talented visual artist who also carries no less than the heart and pen of a poet--- the beloved George924!!!)

"the dot" represents a disarmingly primitive artistic expression, yet further analysis would yield rich, copious information regarding this enduring, perpetual symbol with its ubiquitous presence and mass appeal, the latter of which in part, due to its accessibility of being rendered by artists of any age, culture, language or innate ability.

"the dot" crowns both the 'i' and 'j', which are also not coincidentally consecutive letters of the alphabet. 'i' corresponds with 'individual' as well as 'id', the alleged centre of psychological human drives such as sex, fear, desire and appreciating chocolate (yum). 'i', in Greek lexicon, also corresponds with 'ichthys', the popular 'J'esus fish adorning bumper stickers across America. Jesus being the King of Kings would symbolically have two crowns, thus tying the etymological references together. Jesus is also referred to as the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (end) and just as Jesus ends time, the dot ends a sentence (not accidentally referred to in this context as a 'period' [of time progression]). This further cross-pollinates with the notion of circular completion, the hollow form of which is used in technology to symbolize an open circuit (or "on" as opposed to "off").

"the dot" therefore is an obvious if classic metaphor of good vs. evil, with white being good and black being evil. Note that the evil dot is surrounded (hence, overwhelmed/defeated) by the surrounding good, white not just vanquishing the circular foe but protecting us from it ever causing us further harm. Also represented is the futile impotence of the dot, itself being a crisp, finite form, while the surrounding white area is of unsearchable, infinite, indeterminable volume.

Note also that "the dot" is slightly off-center, a subtle, subconscious play by the artist to disquiet the viewer, who will generally have no cognition of being so visually manipulated. Asymmetry disturbs the human mind with its preoccupation with neatness and order despite behaviors of the male species that may suggest otherwise.

From starting point to pointillism to particle accelerated pixels, this "" and its real life counterpart promises not to vanish from the visual arsenal of pictorial depiction any time soon and if they did, like the vacuum tube television consoles of old, they would implode into themselves, a dot, then to nothingness.
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Cory, I am the one who is without words to say how much this means to me...Let the hands of of the Lord hold you my friend, thank you for this, it means more than I can say at this moment.
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