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Stepping Down

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I appreciate each and every one of you.. and wanted to thank each of you for making me feel so welcome here. But with the forum expanding I am finding myself spending more time here than I should.. I have many other obligations that I can't neglect (such as my family).

For that reason I am stepping down as Moderator and will be leaving the forum. Again.. I hope that I have been help to a few.. and I have learned much from each of you.. but it's time to go.

I pray each of you are richly blessed in all that you do..

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I have spoken in depth to Cricket.. I am not planning to vanish here. Of course you can message me here.. or on FB.. As I appreciate those who follow me out there.

I simply can't spend the amount of time it takes to read every post here (which I love doing as you are all important to me) and respond to each of you. So I will be still liking posts.. and responding where I can.

BTW.. I am overwhelmed with the encouragement you each give to me. It means a lot more than I can express in words.
I just saw this thread. David you would be so very missed if you left. I'm so glad you are planning to stick around. The activity of the forum is a bit overwhelming sometimes. (I never thought I'd say that!)
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