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I am seeing really nice improvements in your work. Lovely job on this. Your mountains and your overall subject matter are really nice.

One thing I might suggest in your next painting is to work on not outlining. There is an outline on the head and really you don't need it. The background contrasts enough with the head of the eagle that outlining is not necessary.

The other thing I noticed is that you put an awful lot of detail in your mountain peak behind the eagle (and it's really lovely - I like it a lot) but not as much detail in the portion in the foreground underneath the eagle.

You should be proud of this piece though. I think its one of your best ones yet. :)
Thanks I had the eagle's head the way you said but didn't like it so outlined it a bit to make me happy, since it will be hanging in my room :D.

Wanted the peak to be the focal point along with the eagle so spent the most time on it and thats how it is also shown in the photo too.

I am getting the painting framed so when its done (hopefully today) I will post a picture of it.
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