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Seeking artist to work with computer game development team

Currently working to create a computer game – to start out as a FB game (similar in style to mob wars etc) with possible expansion in the future

I am working with a coder and have put together an initial Beta Testing/think tank team – but we need an artist (or artists) to help provide the artwork for the game

Be aware that – at least initially – there is NO money involved – I cant pay an artist – if and when the game begins to be profitable – there would be a sharing of profits with the core development team but initially there would be no compensation but a chance to get your name and your work some exposure

I have put together an Album of sample artwork that shows the style(s) of art I am looking for – If you think you could provide what we need and are interested in working with me on this project – please let me know – or pass on the information to others who may be interested

The sample album is on FB but I believe you can access it even if you don’t have a Facebook account – be sure to check the note on the main album and on the individual pictures to get an idea of what I am looking for
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