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Hi all,
Ive been sculpting with clay for some time now, and i want to try making a big sculpture for my year long project at school, however there are some things that i am unsure about. I am trying to make a life sized angel wing sculpture, so that definitely needs alot of support from its armature.
however, i am unsure of how to attach the third layer of "feather support" to the main branch of the angel wing, as seen in fig 2. I have illustrated only two layers of "feather support", and need help understanding how shld i go about attaching support for the third layer of feathers.
also, how should i stick the feathers onto the armature afterwards? for detail i initially wanted to go with the method in fig 4, where i make each feather individually and bake it first, then twist it onto the main armature branch. However, that would require more work as i have to use more clay to cover the spaces between each individual feather.
Should i go with the method in fig 3 instead, and use aluminium foil between the "feather supports" before attaching clay onto it like a sheet and molding it from there?

Also, what is a good sculpting material that becomes as hard as rock or has the same texture as stone after baking? ive only been using wetter materials so im unsure what material feels like rock after

Thanks in advance to whoever reads this :)


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