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Greetings my name is Boon creator of Anyone Can Sculpt Youtube Templates Tutorials.
I am a Sculptor by trade and I always wanted to create simple sculpting method thereby
everyone can start sculpting figures themselves.

This fast, easy and inexpensive methods will enable you to sculpt as
many quantity in various sizes in a very short period. The most
common media is Foam Sponge a.k.a Upholstery Foam light
weight which can be easily transform into costume, wall hanging,
LED lanterns etc. Great for interior/outdoor decor and even as gifts.

Here is an opportunity for all of us to collaborate on Anyone
Can Sculpt continuous Free Templates tutorials with Video Demos.
By contributing Patrons will get 2-3 Free Templates a month. In other
words I'll gladly do all the work just sit back and enjoy!
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