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Rose Bush WIP

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This one is going to take time so I decided to do a WIP. It is going to be a bush with lots of leaves but I wanted to do the roses first.


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Very impressed. :biggrin:

I am terrible at drawing those silly flowers...drives me crazy! I guess I wouldn't ever be able to get a job doing tattoos huh?? Lol
Looking gorgeous @TerryCurley !! Quit making me want to buy your paintings!! No, I know this is a personal one. :biggrin:

I think roses may be your specialty :vs_box:
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Loving the colors...very pretty. :love:
I sure wish I could draw roses as well as you paint them :laugh:

I love the first pic (lighter color) , but I also love that color on the 2nd pic. Kind of leaning towards reddish pink. Anyhoo, I'm sure it will be beautiful :biggrin:
Looks fine to me!!
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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