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Throughout the last couple of months I've found a lot of useful resources on the internet. Stuff about anatomy, coloring, digital painting, regular painting, pretty broad really.
I usually link things I think could be useful to someone when they're interested, but just now I thought; would it not be convenient to have a sticky thread in one of the boards, art talk maybe, which a nice, clean directory full of links?

It could be seperated by subject (anatomy, color, architecture, etc.) or by type of resource (Video, PDF/e-book, pinterest collection, etc.) or both (every subject having sub-categories for videos, pdf's, etc.), requiring the owner of the thread to edit it whenever someone finds another useful thing, or it could just be a thread in which everyone can freely post the useful things they have found.
I'm not sure what would work best, and I'm kind of freewheeling here right now with my thoughts. I just thought it has potential to be a really nice sort of digital library for everyone here to use.

Anyone interested in something like this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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