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Regret Selling

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Have you ever regretted that you sold a certain painting? From 2014 through 2015 I was producing at least two paintings a week and because of the volume of paintings I had around I sold them dirt cheap and more often just gave them away. Even my good ones. I always figured I could redo a good one. Well I found out it doesn't work like that. I have never been able to reproduce a painting that I was fond of just like the original. Now I'm producing one every two or three months because of health issues so I'm not selling any at all (by choice), and only giving away to close family.

Of all the paintings I've done there were two that I was very fond of that I wish I had kept. Not masterpieces by any means but ones that I really liked.
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I have heard of "buyer's remorse" but never sellers. :biggrin:I can understand you could regret it if you can't reproduce it.

I promise I am not picking on you here, have your abilities really degenerated that much since last year? Can you not paint as before already? If so, I am sorry to hear it.
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