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reference photo help needed

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I need two reference photos to work from. I'm starting a picture with 2 people in a courtyard one is a Glumdalitch size girl the other is a Dr Gulliver size man. The man is on stilts about reaching the hight of the girls knee with the top of his head. He's quite happy to be there, having gone on purpose and having brought seeds and animals with him to the giants land. He's looking up, waiting, she's looking down, about to pick him up. She's about 11 he's an adult 6 inches tall. There will be an island in the court pond with tiny stuff on it.
I've had a devil of a time finding pictures that are right. Someone point me to the right place if you would.
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I'm guessing you already tried using Google search. I get a lot of my reference photos from the internet.
I used BING and put in "images Gulliver's Travels Giants" and it gave me a bunch of links. Here's one of them. Don't know if it's any good for your purpose though.'s+travels+giants&FORM=IGRE
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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