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quick commission

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another commission which I had to squeeze in between other portraits coz of the pic is gonna be a bday present

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Stanya, have been wanting to comment on this piece since you posted it but not sure exactly what I wanted to there is so much that I could say about this work.

You have captured this piece with such simpleness and power that it is down right amazing. Really love the crispness and hi-comp finish that the piece allows the viewer to get lost in such a piece. You have managed to captivate the child in a way that brings out the youth with so little micro managed detail and focus on the key areas of the piece. Normally I would want to see the negative space around the hair flow around the hair and maybe it does an you just cropped the piece for posting but regardless the strands of hair just ever slightly touching the edges work rather well and framed out the rest of the piece very nicely.

Very well done...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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