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Plea For Help. Looking For Inspiration, Chat Buddy, Friend, Etc.

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First off I realize this isn't a dating or suicide prevention site, but I'll lay it on strong from he get go. I recently turned 23 and things haven't been so easy throughout life. I've always been a loner and dealt with my problems, and I've always utilized art as a way to vent. Here's where the problem lies. I thought I had lost inspiration or drive from time to time, but for a while now I can't seem to get my ball rolling. It's al clicking in my brain, but when I pick up my pencil I'm just not the same. I had wrote a massive post previous to this one including a few life events and such, but wasn't able to post it. All in all, I'm putting blind faith out there in hopes that someone will take blind faith in me. I'm told by anyone who sees my art that I'm incredibly talented, but I can't see it because my heart isn't in it. I need someone to lead me back to the light. It would mean more than anything in the world to me and I will be forever indebted to the individual who rekindles the passion I once felt..Please and thank you, Gabe
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I don't know if I can lead you back. I can share my story which is similar. I'm 54 now. At 27, I thought of art as a chore. I didn't start back until I was 53 and had Parkinson's disease. You have to struggle with your troubles and make it your art.
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