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I am planning on making a pirate outfit. I figured that just about any clothing that is a single color would do and I have several belts I can use.

My plan is to first make a sword out of cardboard.

Now the construction part of that is easy. I just cut the cardboard into the shape I want. I might use paper to help mold the cardboard into complex 3D shapes but the paper won't be visible when I am done making the sword. If I can find suitable tape, then I wont need the paper. But I might have to resort to glue in which case I will need the paper.

Now I was looking for acrylic paint but I couldn't find any(I know I have it but I couldn't find it). That makes this much more complicated when it comes to painting this. While I could be about as precise with colored pencils as I would be with acrylic paint, they don't really mix well when it comes to colors.

And I definitely need something that mixes well. I might even need iridescent paint for this. The best choice for this project, I know is acrylic. Oil either won't dry(the case with oil pastels) or will take something in the order of hours to days to dry(most oil paints). And water soluble oil would be even worse for this because, then if I have my outfit on outside and it rains, it will literally wash the paint off, not good.

Watercolors I would say are an even worse choice, The mixing happens with paint on the brush but not only that, it is hard to get exactly the right consistency. Even if you dry out the paintbrush as well as you can, the paint will be too thin. And just a few brushstrokes later, it is too thick.

Acrylic is spot on. It is relatively cheap, mixes well, you can find iridescent acrylic paint, it will stay at the right consistency while you are using it, and it dries(at least on paper in a thin layer) within minutes.

But, as I said, I can't find my acrylic paint. What else can I do to make it look like metal without using acrylic paint? I am not sure that I want to prop it up in the air to dry for oil paint or for it to easily go from too thin to too thick like with watercolors. And colored pencils would just be too much work for a result that doesn't look much like metal at all. Crayons, same deal. Graphite has a sheen to it but only in direct light and only with a lot of pressure. And its sheen is nothing like that of metal.

So how else can I get that metallic look without acrylic paint? I think I only have 1 other option here that is very dangerous, That would be using metal itself. I definitely don't want to do that.
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