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Dear fellow artists,
I am a professional ceramic and textile artist myself and graduated in 2014 from DeMontfort.
Im posting about a government petition which I feel is very important.
I feel that art ,drama, and music should be enforced through all schools and taught at key stage 3 (Yr 7,8, and 9) as its very important for children to have those practicaul subjects as they learn the basic skills and can unlock and express there creativity within these areas. Its important they have these subjects taught as not every child is academic/ thinks academically. In some schools where creative subjects are not taught and only academic ones are, this could possibly come across to a child as though the acedmic route is the only option they have for their future which is not true !. Basically if they learn the basics at school and really enjoy it this can really help them to decide if they do want to then head further for G.C.S.E 'S in art, music and drama then that means this can allow them to go into even further education.!!!!!!! Im now 24 and Im very grateful for being able to have art taught to me when I was at secondary school as I learnt THE BASICS! for example drawing in tone, 3d aspects, painting and drawing in lots of mediums and also now alot of schools introduce using air dry clay for projects which brings in the sculptural side of art.

Below is the government petition link for anybody interested in signing it.
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