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Hi, all, Ron Enderland

I took two years of high school art class in the 70's, and landed on charcoal as my favorite medium. Within a couple of years, I'd abandoned the ephemeral medium for the more permanent ink, and that's where I stuck. However, I also decided to get married and raise a family, and that meant that art would be very seldom engaged in while I was paying bills.

Now, at the age of 56, I'm happily gifted with free time. My daughter asked me to draw her home in ink in 2014, and I did so, and it all came rushing back. Since then, I've discovered Pigma Micron pens (no more quill dipping!), as well as Alphonso Dunn on Youtube. I've created nearly a hundred works in the last year and a half, and sold quite a few. Life is GOOD!

Happy to make y'all's acquaintance. Here's a poor photograph of my wife and granddaughter, done last winter.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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