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Hello all,

My name is Corin McCarthy and I am a final year student studying Product Design and Technology at Loughborough University. During this strange time I have been adapting my final year project for online virtual testing instead of the traditional face to face methods, and would be interested to see if you would like to get involved!

I am looking for artists, technicians, art enthusiasts or those who paint from time to time to offer their feedback and answers to a ‘virtual’ user testing of the product proposal I have devised over the last 8 months.
I would be very grateful if you were able to get involved in this 20-30 minute study to provide your own personal and valuable feedback from the recreated digital experiences I have prepared.
This consists of:

1. a step through PPT
2. a participation form to read and digitally sign
3. a questions and feedback document to fill out - follow the link to download these files

The powerpoint will introduce you to the study and provide you with more information on what will be required from you. The second document is to be understood and signed for ethical purposes, and the last document will contain a question feedback sheet.

I would ideally like this to be completed ASAP, however the deadline for collecting and analysing the feedback is Friday 8th May.

If you have any further questions about this study or the project itself, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or mobile!

I will need the last two documents edited and signed by the user and returned via my email: [email protected]

Thank you and kind regards,



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