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Hello ppl. I believe i am in possesion of very old painting of St. Constantine and his mother Helena standing next to true cross. As far as i know, my grandfather bought it from Russian WHITE GUARD member in 1950s. All i know that Russian guy was old even in the 1950s. my math says to me it must be atleast 150-200 years old. I havent been to valuator in Serbia for the simple reason they could be corrupt, liers, and what not. Dont trust to none of them. is anyone on this site into this? If yes, i am willing to negotiate but DO NOT take me for an idiot. Willing to negotiate with the "flippers" too, just do not take me for an idiot. :)
Tnx very much, Vladimir
If somebodys willing to speak to me thats fine too. (link removed for security reasons)
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