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Hello there!

I am an author in the process of writing a web novel, and I would like to commission cover art for said novel from you wonderful people.

This is a paid project.

If you're interested in this project, then please complete the following:

1) Contact me with a link to your work/portfolio

2) Include a quote and timeline for your services.

From there, we can continue with a more in-depth conversation about the content of the novel/artwork.



-Must be in portrait, 400px wide x 600px tall.

-Contact me via private message or discord (sun-kiss#7771)

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1) No link to portfolio without requested information. Fair is fair - right?
2) $250.00/ 2 hours from receipt of payment. This is NOT a firm quote, only an estimate based on information provided.

I don't know about other artists, but it would be impossible for me to offer any kind of estimates, much less a firm quote, vis a vis time, costs, etc. without knowing what the heck I am going to create. In short, I'd have to read an in-depth synopsis of the manuscript in order to discover what the plot is, who/what the characters are, etc.

I'd also need to know how many copies of the cover will be produced (how many views it will receive in this case), whether a back cover and spine artwork are also require, who retains what rights, etc.

Sorry, I don't blind bid on projects. Maybe fiverr would be a good place to look?

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Hi! I'm curious what your book is about, maybe if you say I might get inspired and do one just for fun. (Not guaranteeing anything, because my art is hit or miss(I either draw something terrible or something really nice lol) then I could send it to you and you can take it if you like it and not if you don't? I won't charge anything because I do art for fun and love a good prompt! If I struggle getting a good cover, I'll just tell you.
Here is my latest piece


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