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Opinions on abstract painting

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I was just curious if abstract paintings like this would sell? I have an account on etsy and I was think about putting it on there.

Also if you have any suggestion to make the painting better please I want to here them.

When I painted this I just wanted to use different shades of blue and orange while making the object 3D looking.

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You did make the design look 3 dimensional -- good work. Will it sell? -- who knows. I like it.

I kind of like the big picture because I can see the details so well.

However if you want to put a small thumbnail picture that can be enlarged by clicking on it, or right click and using open link....just use the "Manage Attachment" option when posting. You can upload your picture in this option and it will show as a thumbnail. However when you are posting you will not see the picture until after it is submitted and actually posted.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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