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Rabatment analysis reveals almost nothing. Rule of thirds works like a charm, so the artist knows how to place his subjects. Shadows are correct. Water color at first glance is wrong for the Mediterranean, but could be Turkish or Greek. Some solvent got onto the right side--bummer. It's all cracked up like an ill treated oil painting. Even in an almost stormy sea, these ships (in fishing fleet formation) are well manned and in control. They are not "healed" over or overloaded. Being close to the rocks is obviously dangerous for any wooden vessel, but the bows are pointed in a win-ward direction heading away from the rocks. White waves denote shallow water, thus the urgency (drama) is created in this painting with one boat right on the edge of the shallows+rocks under the keel. The artist knew his selected topic. There's not enough atmosphere for the artist to be Gainsborough. Judging by the paint colors used, (you'd be extremely lucky and into the $$), this appears like a J.W.M. Turner painting. Treat it carefully until the artist is determined.
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