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Oil-primed canvas

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I recently purchased a Fredrix oil-primed linen canvas which does not state whether or not it has been triple-primed. However, a description on the Internet stated that there is no need to prepare the canvas for oil paint because it has been primed the old fashioned way. This would suggest to me that it has been triple-primed right?

There is another canvas by the name of Vincent Masterpiece canvas which is triple-primed for oil paint and described as being smooth. It is quite expensive ($38.00). I've been so fixated on the thought of it being triple-primed that I was debating in my head whether or not I should purchase one. What do you think? Stick with the Fredrix oil-primed linen even though it may not be triple-primed?:eek:
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You never stated what size it is... That aside...

Why do you want triple primed? I have read many thing on the internet (since I am not an oil painter) and many artists say that triple primed is so popular simply because people buy it. Why not get a GOOD Gesso and prime your own canvas?

It may or may not be better.. but there are many great masterpieces that have been done on other than Triple Primed Linen. It's not necessarily the materials you use.. but what you do with them that counts!

Just Thinking Out Loud


PS - If you have the money..then try out the $38 canvas.. That's the only way to know if you will like it
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