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I have done quite a few drawings based on North America. Here is a Tour of the places / pieces that I have done.

Paint Skyscraper Art Art paint Painting

We start off by heading towards Lower Manhattan, on the Hudson River.

Paint Wood Art paint Art Painting

On the left, we have the Statue of Liberty.

Water Sky Paint Cloud Art

While on the right, we have Brooklyn Bridge.....

Cloud Sky Paint Art paint Plant

and also Manhattan Bridge.

World Publication Font Wood Pattern

Into Lower Manhattan, we have the One World Trade Center.

Wood Urban design Art Font Engineering

We now approach mid Manhattan Island, where we see the Empire State Building.

Organism Art Font Painting Paint

Time for a Coffee Break. Having visited New York City on a few occasions, I can say that they have a few of these.

Art paint Paint Wood Creative arts Painting

Now we enter Central Park.

Paint Textile Art paint Art Creative arts

Organism Yellow World Font Art

That concludes our Tour of New York City. Hope you can join again, where we visit another part of North America.
To be Continued.....

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Welcome Back to the next part of the Tour.

Paint Organism Art Painting Urban design

We now visit the Niagara Falls on the American / Canadian Border. We are now in Canada, where we can view the Horseshoe Falls.

Textile Organism Rectangle Art Painting

Did a second piece of the Horseshoe Falls.

Plant Tower Tree Street light Art

We now visit Toronto, where we have the CN Tower.

Paint World Textile Art paint Wood

We are now back in the USA. We have a bit of a Road Trip ahead of us, to our next destination.

Wood Textile Rectangle Architecture Font

We are now on Route 66.
To Be Continued.....

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We have arrived at our next destination.

Paint Natural landscape Art Wood Painting

The Grand Canyon. Truly a Natural Wonder.

Textile Paint Painting Art Wood

We now visit the impressive Hoover Dam.

Textile Paint World Painting Triangle

We are now back on the road, for our Final part of our North America Tour.

Water Textile Art Painting Paint

We arrive in San Francisco, where we have the Golden Gate Bridge.
That concludes our North America Tour. Thank You, Goodbye.
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