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I'm teaching myself the technical sides of html, css and javascript, and am already not half-bad at coding simple webpages from scratch using only a text editor rather than a graphical design tool. I also have some verbal creativity, so my own websites will be devoted mostly to words. My big problem is that I have nearly zero visual creativity and aptitude, so my palette choices and layout tend to be terrible.

Right now I'm working on a web design solution where every webpage consists entirely of buttons that dynamically resize according to the dimensions and resolution of the user's display, making the page fit every display from a 50" monitor to a tiny smartphone screen. Some buttons will be pure text while others will contain images, but every button will be a link to another internal page, enabling me to present content in bite-sized pieces in a way analogous to the layout of the Windows 8 desktop but not exactly the same.

My most basic draft idea is at As you can see, the visuals suck donkey knob. Does anyone want to assist me with the visual creativity side of things, because, in purely technical web design terms, I very much like my idea.

(The live home page at, which is also kinda buttlike visually, has more background if you're interested.)

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