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Hi hi! I was there, messing around on the internet, and I found an easy tutorial to use with photoshop :3

As it is in spanish, I will try to translate it ^^

The tittle said "Cross processing Effect"

Step 1: Well, we first need to Open our image.

Yeeyy my dog! :3

Step 2: Then, we duplicate the layer.

Step 3: Filters > Lens correction
And we input the following settings.
Layer settings: Soft light, Opacity 70%

Step 4: Layer > New adjustment Layer > Curves
With the following values ( use the grid as a guide for help ^^ )

Continues in the next post :laugh:

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Step 5: Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast
Easy step (?

Step 6: Layer > New fill layer > Solid Color
A window will open, put the " 725c38 " color code and accept

Step 7: Layer settings for the color fill

Step 8: Clap your self for the beautiful image you've done (?

Before/after comparition

Dog Carnivore Jaw Dog breed Fawn


Dog Dog breed Carnivore Jaw Whiskers


That's all! :3 Enjoy it! :vs_smirk:

PS: Please, those who have some knowleadge about Photo Editing, do not hate me >.< I'm sure there are some mistakes, or better options, but I'm just translating a tutorial, I do not know anything about :vs-kiss:
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