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Hi! I just joined and wanted to intorduce myself. I'm Kara, married mom of 2. I currently work part time outside the home and I have a crafting business that I work on part time as well. My "art" is scrapping, card making and the like. I also make decorative koozies- these have been a big hit! I look forward to "meeting" everyone else.
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New here just recently

Hi - Glad I decided to look for some art forums. This seems like a good place to meet friends. I've been in the middle of some life upheavals and my art gets neglected and I hate that. So I thought, if I join some art sites that will force me to get back into it!I do manly non-representational stuff these days. My inspiration might come from nature such as colors I see on a flower, or any number of places. Altered art is also something I want to get into more and more.Can't rule out that I may do the occasional more traditional (representational) piece now and then, but mainly I like to play with color, line, form, and surface. Kandinsky is one of my favorites, as well as Jackson Pollock, Hans Hofmann and others in the 20th Century and beyond. I'm a religious person (Roman Catholic) so I want my works, though "abstract" or non-representational, to represent my spirituality in some way. I figure it's God who created the colors and gave us eyes to see. I also dedicate my works to my late mother and father. My mother went blind from diabetes several years before her death, and my father blind in one eye from glaucoma. So I celebrate the gift of sight, and of human creativity. Also it is through my parents' DNA that I get my grandma's creativity, maybe a little of the creativity of the painter uncle on my mom's side, etc. Who knows. I just want to carry my heritage into the future and make my own marks.
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