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Hi! I just joined and wanted to intorduce myself. I'm Kara, married mom of 2. I currently work part time outside the home and I have a crafting business that I work on part time as well. My "art" is scrapping, card making and the like. I also make decorative koozies- these have been a big hit! I look forward to "meeting" everyone else.
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Hi Kara, welcome! I never got into scrapbook making. But I know it's a very popular hobby.

If you resize your pictures to a lower pixel (I think it's 620 for this forum), they will upload much faster. You can resize them with any photo editing software that has the function.

I look forward in seeing some of your work, it sounds great!

I'm 53yrs old, 1 grown son, my husband and I live on a horse ranch in Tidioute, PA next to the Allegheny National Forest. I own 4 horses, 1 dog (Rottweiler), 2 cats, and 8 chickens. It's very peacefull where I live and full of wildlife.

I think natural artistic talent is hereditary, my uncle was an artist, and my dad also had talent.

I try to show others what I see through my eyes, and "crazy" artist's brain. I see a beautiful colorful sunset and try to remember the colors, but can't seem to capture the color and clouds onto canvas or paper correctly. I get very frustated because I haven't mastered clouds yet. I'm still working on this and it's a struggle for me.

I look in my instructional books to see how they do it. But for some reason my clouds never look like the ones in the book. Landscapes are easy for me, but the sky is never the way I want it to look.

Someday I'll learn a cloud technique.


Yes! Another nightmare, reflections and keeping the water level are difficult to get correct. Churning and splashing is also time consuming. Waterfalls are VERY easy but you only have one sweep of the brush.

Seems we are opposite, I find water easy, and you have no problems skys and clouds.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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