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My name is Tonya. I use acrylics and glitter glue.
I write quantum theory and in doing so I had noticed patterns in things I discussed during my live painting videos. I noticed that my artwork worked as a visual prediction and my words the paradigm. I was predicting things at a rapid pace so I stopped painting as much.
Im attempting to put together my first exhibit .I will be painting live as well. Trying to get my videos of my predictions aligned with the paintings and the photos taken of the painting in progression is tiring.
I don't know of anyone that does this. Im hoping I find some that might on here or at least have an interest in my reading their art. I can predict things from art pieces.
I paint quick images of people before they appear. Faces before I meet the people or public figures with the same names as drs before I meet them. Example. I painted Kim kardashian before I met my sons surgeon whose name was Dr Kardashian.
I perform on stage but not as I paint.
I hope to make friends here.

The painting on the end was my first painting on canvas


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