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Hi all, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Jack and I had an amazing experience buying art in Detroit early last year. So much so that it led me to quit my job as an accountant and try to build a website that emulated this experience.

Some flaws I noticed in my research of the current state of art online were as followed:

1) Art marketplaces have adopted criminally high commissions that gallery's charge, making it a lose-lose for both parties involved in the transaction.

2) The pretentious feeling of art websites comes across as intimidating more so than inviting. Why can't there just be a raw experience of connecting with an artist online and sparking a conversation to learn more about them. I think art is personal and I want to create something that encourages conversation.

3) Art on many mediums, including clothing. With the conscious consumer growing and up-cycling of clothing becoming more prevalent, I wanted to create a place for artists who paint and design clothing to share and sell their work.

So, I created - I am posting here as I would like to understand my customer better and am hoping some of you would check it out. What do you think? Any feedback or criticism is much appreciated.
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