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New Draw :O

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Hi people! Long time without posting or visint the forum hehe
Well, I wasnt drawing so much as I had some problems, but I founded this image and... well, I just draw it :p
Its not perfect, not even super-realistic (Look that hands! XD), but I like it.

My next idea/achievement it would be erasing the outiling from my draws, if you have any suggestion to make it easier... Its like, continue doing the outlinening but in a very soft way, so then when i shade they just dissappear?

Also, I have a big trouble, how can I draw from my mind? I mean, I always need to copy an image, or what i'm seeing, and I want to be able to draw something I imagine, maybe someone I remember, or a simple chair, but i always start drawing and throwing the paper 'cuz the draw hasn't any form, nothing xD

Glad to be here again, see you later!


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Nice job!

As far as the outlining - just do your outlines very very light..the harder you press your pencil the harder your ability to get rid of them will be. Just be super light on your touch and shade into it. That way you won't have to erase your outlines. Your outlines become part of the shading.

Drawing without looking at something never used to be a challenge for me until I started doing commission work and had to use photographs as guides. I suggest closing your eyes and coming up with an idea and try to visualize it in your mind..start simple..start with a ball...visualize the ball..the shape the shading..the lighting..then draw it. Move up from there.

Good luck and I hope you continue to share your art with us!
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